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This is ONE bag of hair (25) strands. Custom mixes contain TWO bags of hair (50 strands).

4 bags = Regular Mermaid (2 Mixed Bags / 4 Non Mixed Bags)

6 bags = Mega Mermaid (3 Mixed Bags / 6 Non Mixed Bags)


Step 1: Add each individual desired color to your cart.

Step 2: When you are ready to checkout there will be a comment/notes section to give detailed instructions on your custom color mixes. 

Step 3: Please comment on which colors you wish to custom mix. If you are ordering for multiple clients please specifically follow the written example below:

Client #1: 1DBx3 mixed with 60x1 (4 bags)

Client #2: 1BAx2 mixed with 60x2 (4 bags)

No exchanges, or refunds, all sales final.